Pretoria-Based BLUEPLUG Charges Up South Africa’s EV Market (Interview)

One of the things I get excited about the most whenever go around Pretoria and Gauteng Province is how there are now a lot of charging stations at malls, car dealerships, and airports. The South African EV scene is shaping up quite nicely. We recently looked at the State of Electric Vehicles in South Africa. We are excited that the huge potential this market has will soon be realized due to several factors which include: Continue Reading…

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Electric Vehicle Chargers and accessories to suit your needs, select from various types.


Electrical Car Chargers

AC Fast Charger

Charge time: 2 to 3 hours charging time to fully charged, depending on the battery percentage. Size: Dimensions – H 590 x W 338 x D 230mm Weight: Approximately 20kg and can be installed to a wall or a pole.

Electrical Technical info
We can install the AC Fast Charger to either a 1 -phase or 3 -phase electrical supply at Office Buildings and Parking lots at shopping malls or fuel stations. Any public space will be suitable for these chargers.

DC Fast Charger

Charge time: 28 minutes charging time from 0% to 80%.
Size: Dimensions – H 2000 x W 750 x D 330mm
Weight: Approximately 165kg

Electrical Technical info
The DC Fast Charger is installed to a 3-phase electrical supply at any Office Buildings, Parking bays, shopping malls and fuel stations. The slimline, lightweight design makes electric vehicle fast charging convenient for customers, clients and the public.

Wall Box Charger

Charge time: 6 to 8 hours charging time to fully charged, depending on the battery percentage.
Size: Dimensions – H 652 x W 399 x D 250mm
Weight: Approximately 8kg

Electrical Technical info
The Wall Box Chargers are installed to any Fixed Building wall or on a pole to either 1 -phase or 3 -phase electrical supply for a rated current ( configurable connection values ) of 10A,13A,16A,20A,25A or 32A.

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Solar Data Logging

Solar Data Logging – Over a period of 7 days the usage and output of your solar panel/s will be measured with a detailed analysis.

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General Electrical Services

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